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How Does it Work

Your Investment

Investors subscribe to
the Dot Feeder Fund(s)
of their choice.

Dot Feeder Fund

Dot creates a
dedicated Feeder Fund
for each Target Fund.

Target Fund

The Feeder Fund
aggregates investor
subscriptions in order to
satisfy the Target Fund’s
minimum investment.

Investment Assets

The Target Fund invests
in assets from which Dot
Investors benefit.

Our Investment Process

Achieving good performance from your private investments requires selecting top managers. Unfortunately, identifying and selecting top private and alternative investment managers is not straight forward.

Analysing and comparing fund performance requires access to data and analytics systems, as well as the experience and expertise to interpret and contextualise the analytical output. We carry out a comprehensive review of an investment managers’ processes covering:

Investment Due Diligence

manager experience & expertise, investment process including deal origination, underwriting, execution and exit, historical investment performance, key documentation and fund terms.

Operational Due Diligence

ownership and control, fund structure and regulation, operational infrastructure, risk management, pricing and execution, financing & counterparty risk and compliance.

Fund Selection

We refer to our fund selection process as the Dot “Matrix”. The Matrix refers to six key selection criteria that funds must satisfy in order to qualify for onboarding.

  • M

    Management Team

  • A

    Alignment of interests

  • T

    Terms and conditions

  • R

    Return potential

  • I

    Investment process

  • X


The Dot Matrix


Management Team

The investment team must have a successful track record within their strategy and the resources necessary to replicate that strong performance

Alignment of Interests

The manager’s financial and management incentives must align with those of Dot’s investors to create a win-win relationship

Terms & Conditions

The legal documentation and governance processes must be fair and reasonable to preserve and protect investor’s interests

Return Potential

Supportive macro and micro investment environment; the manager’s return expectations are subject to stress and scenario analysis to ensure robustness

Investment Process

A comprehensive review covering deal origination, diligence, underwriting, execution, value-add and exit, focusing on excellence, consistency and repeatability


Special qualities of manager and fund that make the investment proposition really exciting

Frequently Asked Questions

Dot accepts qualified investors who meet certain criteria, including a minimum net worth and sufficient investment experience. Due to financial regulation and the nature of the investments we offer, we exclusively accept three types of investors: professional investors, high net worth investors, and sophisticated investors. You can find more information here to determine if you meet the criteria as a qualified investor.

Yes. Wealth managers or financial advisors can invest with Dot on behalf of their clients. We provide an exclusive portal for wealth managers to manage their clients’ investments, capital calls, distributions and reporting. Family offices and institutional investors can also invest via their own investment vehicle or a holding company.

Dot screens and analyses market-leading fund managers to curate a “menu” of top funds from which investors can choose. We include private equity, venture capital, private credit and real estate funds with varying risk profiles, return expectations, strategies, sectors, and geographies. We will strive to always have available a variety of top-quality funds from which our investors can choose. And if there is a strategy that you would like to see, just let us know and we will find a great fund and make it available on the platform.

No. We can answer questions about the Feeder Funds and the Target Funds but Dot cannot provide investment or tax advice, and we cannot provide you with any recommendations concerning your portfolio or regarding your decision to invest. If you are uncertain about the suitability of a particular investment you should take independent investment advice before subscribing to a fund.

The holding period, or ‘term’, varies by fund and is specific to the strategy and the investment opportunity. Private equity and venture capital will typically have terms of 8-10 years, often with a manager’s option to extend the term by 1-2 years. Some private credit strategies may have terms as short as 3-5 years. Importantly, you should expect to hold a private fund investment until its termination date as opportunities for early redemption or withdrawal are limited and not guaranteed. You should only subscribe capital that you are prepared to commit for the stated term.

At the moment, no. We are working towards a solution that would permit investment in a Dot fund through a SIPP. Stay tuned.

Each feeder fund will have a drawdown schedule that is aligned with the drawdown schedule of its underlying target fund. To simplify your investing experience and to minimise capital call administration, we plan to draw capital upfront and at predetermined intervals and to complete drawing down your subscription over 3-5 capital calls.

The platform includes a periodic redemption facility. A liquidity window will be opened each quarter during which you will be able to list your partnership interest for sale. The facility provides sellers an opportunity to be matched with buyers. Only by finding a buyer and agreeing a price through this facility can an investment in a feeder fund be redeemed early. If a buyer cannot be found or a price cannot be agreed, then the owner will not be able to exit their investment early.